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The 48 falls of Akame, birthplace of the ninja

The akame 48 falls

The 48 waterfalls of Akame are the birthplace of the Ninja and the home of the giant salamander, a fabulous living prehistoric creature. With its limpid waters and its lushy jungle, Akame is the perfect place to discover the real Japan, far from the skyscrapers, in a gentle hike through history and Nature.


The Water falls

The Akame 48 waterfalls are a collective name for a string of waterfalls flowing through Akame-cho, Nabari, Mie. In Japan, more than 1300 years ago, a legendary holy man named En no gyoja was active. It is said the name Akame (red eye) derives from a legend that he met Fudo-myoo (God of Fire) riding a red-eyed ox. They are actually much more than 48 waterfalls, but the number “48” means “Many” in Japanese.

There are various waterfalls in Akame. Among them, five large falls, “Fudo”, “Senju”, “Nunobiki”, “Ninai” and “Biwa” are popular under the name of “The Akame Five Waterfalls”. A recreational path about 4 km long along the waterfalls is used as a hiking path to enjoy walking while listening to the sound of the waterfalls. The path is famous for its different aspects according to the season, from cherry blossoms in spring through tender green in early summer, colored leaves in autumn to frozen falls in winter.

Price Information
Individual fee Group fee
Adult ¥500 30 or more people 10% discount
100 or more people 20% discount
(elementary and junior high school students)
300 or more people 30% discount
Mountain entry fee The mountain entry fee (Japan Salamander Center entrance fee) is charged for the purpose of environmental conservation, cleaning and safety management in the valley. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Ninja Training Experience

Ninja Training Experience

Let’s experience Iga style Ninjutsu. Information about Ninja training experience.

Eco Tour

Eco Tour

Let’s get familiar with the various creatures and the nature of Akame. Information on eco-tour experience.

he Birthplace of the Ninjas

The Akame ravine have been chosen by Iga style Ninja as a training place as it offer a large panel of natural training environment and for it’s strategic localization at that time. Ninja were people engaged in intelligence activities from the 15th to 18th century, when Akame was part of a country called Iga. Today, you can put on a ninja suit and experience some ninja activities including the art of hiding, climbing and jumping. You can also borrow ninja suits to visit and enjoy the Akame 48 waterfalls!

Akame Valley “Light-up/ Yugen-no-takeakari”

It is a fall and winter time limited light up event. Thousands of handmade bamboos light up our twilight valley.
Our works are completely different and are outstanding than in recent year’s light-up. You will experience the mystical and warm light-up against the background of the mossy valley and the waterfalls.
start hours
Price information
Adult ¥600 Child ¥300(The akame 48 falls’mountain entry include)

Akame 48 Waterfalls Moss

Akame 48 falls are famous for scenic spots of waterfalls, and also famous for a sacred place of moss.
The moss is a mysterious existence that brings moisture to the atmosphere just by being there.
When you stare at them, you feel time passes slow and you calm down
The space of healing is created by akame’s nature.Enjoy your time at the Akame 48 Falls!

Giant Salamanders

The waterfalls peaceful and pollution-free environment is also a habitat for the giant salamanders (Andrias japonicus), which are protected species and registered as Natural Monument of Japan. You may be able to see them swimming in the river when walking between spring and autumn. For those who don’t have the chance to spot them directly in the river, the entrance fee include a pass to visit a small Natural museum where the giant salamanders are exposed.


The Famous Iga beef soup:

The Iga beef soup is famous all around Japan. It’s considered as a second rank gourmet (where the Iga beef itself is considered as a premium gourmet) but the taste is well worth a visit! Look for the red hanging flag! (from 400 Yens) The beef soup comes in all kind of variation, from a simple but delicious one bowl to a Japanese full course!

The Iga Ninja burger:

Come and taste the Iga Ninja burger, only in Akame!

The Farting Buns:

The Farting buns come in 8 variations! Sweet potetoes, apple, sweet beans, cheese, etc. The name comes from Japanese famous adage “Good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile”, so the owner decided to make people laugh with its buns name!

There are also plenty other things to eat, so remember to look for food!


Akame Onsen Kakure no Yu Taisenkaku

Akame Onsen Kakure no Yu Taisenkaku

Address: Nabari-shi Akame-chou Nagasaka 682 (名張市赤目長坂682)
URL: http://www.akameonsen.com
Opening hours for the Hot Springs only:
Week days – 10:30~19:00
Weenkend and special days – 10:30~16:00
\\Hot springs fees
Adult:850 Yens  Child:500 Yens
\\Hotel fees
2 persons per room, 1 nght 2 meals 13,800 Yens per person.

Yumoto Akame Sansuien

Yumoto Akame Sansuien

Address: Nabari city Akame-chou Kashihara 1203 (名張市赤目町柏原1203)
URL: http://www.akame-sansuien.jp
Hot Springs opening hours:
Week day 10:00~21:00
Weekend and special days 10:00~15:00
\\Hot springs fees
Adult:800 Yens  Child:500 Yens
\\Hotel fees
4 persons by room, 1 night 2 meals 13,800 Yens per adult.



Address: Nabari city Shorenji 1652
TEL: 0595-63-6211
URL: http://www.shorenjilake.com
Opening hours for the Hot Springs:11:00~15:00
\\Hot springs fees
Adult:850 Yens  Children:500 Yens
\\Hotel fees
3 to 4 persons by room, 1 night 2 meals 12,150 Yens per person.



Address: Mie-ken nabari-shi Akame-chou Akame 45 Falls
URL: http://www.e-net.or.jp/user/takimoto/
Opening hours for the Hot Springs:11:00~15:00
\\Hot springs fees
1 night 2 meals, 2 persons per room 11,500 Yens per person
1 night 2 meals, 3 persons per room 10,500 Yens per person
1 night 2 meals, 2 persons per room 12,600 Yens per person
1 night 2 meals, 3 persons per room 11,550 Yens per person
* from the 29th of December to January the 2nd prices are 1000 Yens higher.

Akame Green Village Hotel

Akame Green Village Hotel

Address: Mie-ken Nabari-shi Akame-chou Nagasaka 720-1
URL: http://www.akame-gvh.com/


The Falls are situated in the north of the peninsula of Wakayama, between the bay of Osaka and the bay of Ise. It is well deserved by roads and trains.

By car

From Kyoto:

Please take the National 24 to KIZU (木津) for45 minutes. When you arrive to KIZU, take the National 163 to IGA CITY (伊賀市) for another 45 minutes. From there please take the National 368 for 40 minutes to arrive to the Akame 48 falls.

From Nagoya:

Please take the Higashi Meihan (東名阪) express way to KAMEYAMA Interchange (亀山I.C.), it should take around 35 minutes. Then please take the National Meihan Road (名阪国道) for another 30 minutes to UENO Interchange (上野I.C.), and finally tak the National road 368 for 40 minutes to arrive to the Akame 48 Falls.

From Osaka (Matsubara junction):

Please take Nishi Meihan (西名阪) express way to TENRI Interchange (天理I.C.), it should take around 30 minutes. Then please take the National Meihan Road (名阪国道) for another 15 minutes to HARI (針) Interchange, and finally tak the National road 165 for 30 minutes to arrive to the Akame 48 Falls.

By train

You can easily find train itinerary from almost every stations in Japan up to the Akame 48 Falls is this website:
You will also find time table and complete itinerary in English and Chinese. Please mind the final train time and that the train schedules might vary depending on the day of the week.
Please be shure to notice that in every case you will have to take the bus for 10 minutes from the destination station Akame Guchi (赤目口) up to the Falls. The bus costs 360 Yens per adult and 180 Yens per children.

Departure to the Falls,
On week days: 10:00AM, 10:25AM(+), 10:55AM(+), 1:15PM, 2:15PM, 3:00PM(+), 3:15PM(*) and 3:30PM(+).
On Saturdays: 9:00AM(+), 9:30AM(+), 9:55AM, 10:25AM, 10:55AM, 11:55AM(+), 1:15PM, 2:15PM, 3:00PM(+), 3:15PM(*), 3:30PM(+), 4:00PM(+) and 4:30PM(+).
ON Sundays and other special days: 9:00AM(+), 9:30AM(+), 9:55AM, 10:25AM, 10:55AM, 11:55AM(+), 1:15PM, 2:15PM, 3:00PM(+), 3:15PM, 3:30PM(+), 4:00PM(+) and 4:30PM(+).
(*) Those bus ride only from December March included.
(+) Those bus ride only from April to November included.

You can possibly call a taxi instead of taking the bus from/to the Akame 48 Falls. When going to the falls ask the taxi for “AKAME NO TAKI”, and when you go back to the nearest train station ask for “AKAME GUCHI”.

Walking from and to the station is a 5km walk through the montrain and take something around 1 hour. Here is a link to Google Map showing the path.

From Kyoto station:

(The travel fare is from 1200 Yens to 2100 Yens and should take you about 90 minutes)
Enter “KYOTO” as departure station and “AKAMEGUCHI” as destination.

From Nagoya station:

(The travel fare is from around 2700 Yens to 3000 Yens and should take you from 100 minutes to 160 minutes.)
Enter “NAGOYA” as departure station and “AKAMEGUCHI” as destination.
Please note that the itinary departing for KINTETSUNAGOYA is the easiest, costing around 3000 Yens and taking about 107 minutes.

From Osaka Nanba station:

(The travel fare is around 1100 Yens and should take you about 1 hour)
Enter “OSAKA-NAMBA” as departure station and “AKAMEGUCHI” as destination.
The last train to Osaka direction are at 11:14PM. The last trains to Nabari direction are at 00:06AM on week days and at 00:01 the other days. Please double check last train departure time if you are to leave late at night.


Thank you for your interest.
Please keep in mind that we do not have English Native speaker staff to answer but we will try our best to answer your questions and request.
Please allow us few days to answer.
All the answer will be made in English, we thank you for your understanding.

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