What is Akame 48 Falls?

The 48 Akame Waterfalls are located in a deep mountain valley created by the clear waters of the Taki River and deep forests. The 3.3-km path connecting the falls is a promenade where visitors can view the falls in the vivid seasonal scenery of cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, and autumn leaves. The trail has been selected as one of the "100 best waterfalls in Japan," "100 best forests for forest bathing," and "100 best walking trails," and visitors can enjoy nature in a variety of ways, including hiking, walking, and forest bathing. It takes about 3 hours round trip to enjoy all of the 48 Akame Waterfalls. During that time, you can see 23 waterfalls, including the vernal pools, of which only those with a name can be seen. The trekking trail to Nagasaka Mountain offers a panoramic view of the Akame Valley.

What is the Akame legend?

The origin of the name "Akame" comes from a legend that while En no Gyoja was practicing his asceticism toward the falls, Fudo Myoo appeared riding on a red-eyed ox.
Yaku Gyoja is the founder of Shugendo, a religion unique to Japan, which was established based on ancient Japanese mountain worship with the addition of Buddhism and other elements. The ascetic practitioners were called yamabushi (mountain ascetics), and they performed various severe ascetic practices in the mountains, and in the past, they prayed for blessings with the power they had gained. Akame 48 Falls was also opened by Yakugyoja, and is a sacred place with great spiritual significance.

A place of ninja training

It is said that Tamba Momochi, the founder of Iga Ninjutsu, trained his disciples in this area during the Warring States period.
As the beginning of the ninja, there is a theory that the ninja were formed among the mountain ascetic ascetics, so "Akame" is a place where you can touch the essence of the Iga ninja.

What is a retreat?

The world we live in every day is full of stress.
In such a situation, a refreshing method called "retreats" has been attracting attention.
In a place rich in nature, people forget their busy lives and the hustle and bustle of the city and refresh themselves both mentally and physically.
In the time that flows leisurely, we can look at ourselves and ask ourselves what we are thinking, what worries us, and what we should do from now on.
It is very beneficial for today's stressed people. That is what "retreats" are all about.

What is mindfulness?

Busy modern people are easily stressed, and even though they are trying to focus their attention on what is in front of them, their minds keep talking about "anxiety, negativity, fear, evaluation, the past, and things that don't matter" that they can't control. This busy state of mind can lead to poor work performance, mental illness, and other negative conditions.

This is why the concept of "mindfulness" has been attracting scientific attention in recent years. Mindfulness" is not meditation, but a state of mind, "a state in which you simply focus on what is in front of you.

For example, when you drink your morning coffee without thinking, you do not just drink it, but concentrate on the rich aroma of the coffee and savor it. Recent scientific research has shown that "just concentrating on what is in front of you" reduces brain fatigue and increases concentration, imagination, and happiness.

Hot Spring Hotel Information


Enjoy the healing hot spring baths of Akame Hot Spring, a hot spring associated with the ninja

The breeze from the Akame valley will caress your cheeks, the rustling and fragrance of the trees will soothe your soul, and the chirping of birds will remind you that you are in the midst of nature. Please spend a healing time in the indoor and large public baths.


The healing power of natural hot spring water soaks into you from head to toe and heart.

Why don't you relax in the relaxing space of "Akame Onsen Sansuien," a one-house inn on Iga Road full of elegance? Nostalgic for the old days. We will provide you with a relaxing time as if you were back in your hometown.


2 Nights 3 Days Retreat Tour
Schedule (Model Case)

  • Day 1

    Arrive at Akame 48 Falls
    Gorge walking
    Hot spring bath
  • Day 2

    Morning yoga and meditation
    Valley hiking
    Ninja training experience
  • Day 3

    Morning yoga and meditation
    Check out
    Waterfall bathing